Friday, July 8, 2011

Gdiaper review

When I originally decided to cloth diaper I chose the gdiaper system because I loved the idea of a diaper that could use cloth as well as a biodegradable insert. I also wanted a cover that could be reused so I didn't have to purchase as many diapers. This was the only AI2 diaper I had heard of. I started with two small covers, 4 snap in liners, 6 cloth inserts, and two packs of the biodegradable inserts. The diapers are very cute and trim, but I couldn't get them to stop leaking.
The biodegradable inserts are flat and thin. The breastmilk poop just slides right off and onto the snap in liner and typically out of the liner onto the cover. This meant I had to change the cover each time, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. They were very absorbent, but not enough for overnight coverage.
The cloth inserts are much shorter than other brands and didn't give the front to back coverage needed. My son was of average height and a little below in weight, so it wasn't an issue of a large baby. I even tried using the medium/large inserts and they still leaked. They were not very absorbent even after going through all the prep work. The liners and snaps also left marks on my sons skin. You could see the imprints from the snaps and red puckered skin from the elastic around the liner.
I spoke with some other users and retailers for support and they said they had the same problems with the diapers. The retailer also informed me that he has heard the same from several other customers.
I do have to say that the gdiaper company has great customer service. They encourage their customers to contact them with any questions or concerns and have a great facebook community to discuss your gdiapers.

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