Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Econobum Cloth Diapers

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Econobums are made by the same company as the Flip diapers. After trying, and liking, the Flips I wanted to increase my stash. I wanted to see if I could find covers that would work with the Flip inserts (my favorites) but didn't have the flaps and were cheaper. As I mentioned in my Flip review, I don't like the flaps. I went to my local cloth diaper store and spoke with the owner about my options. I came across the Econobums and noticed they looked similar to the Flip covers. They were a lot cheaper and one cover came with 3 pre-folds. I bought two covers with pre-folds and another Flip insert. These quickly became my go-to cover and went back to buy another. The cover works just like the Flip cover, but without the flaps. They are made of the same material, but only one layer instead of two, and work with all the inserts, including the disposable ones. I don't have any trouble with leaks. You can wipe them out with a wet wipe if they are damp and they are dry in a couple minutes. They only come in white, but you can get different colored edging.
The pre-folds are very thick and absorbent. They have pre sewn lines to show you were to fold them and can be folded in different directions depending on the size you need. You can use them with pins or Snappi's or just lay them flat in the cover like an insert. I still prefer the Flip inserts and use them more often than the pre-folds. The inserts are easier since there is no folding involved, plus they are trimmer and more absorbent.
You can buy a kit from Econobum that claims it will get you from birth to potty training for only $100. If you have the money upfront that would be a great deal.

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