Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HAPPYBABY Organic Baby Food

You may have seen baby food in pouches recently. Happybaby is one brand of pouch baby food that you can buy. Here's how they work. The fruit and vegetable pouches have a straw in the top. You can squeeze the food out onto a spoon to feed your infant. When your child gets older and can drink through a straw, they are able to suck the food straight from the pouch. Just like a smoothie! The meat varieties do not have a straw and require spoon feeding.

Here is a short version of the pros and cons, followed by a more detailed review.

1. Organic and No GEIs
2. Convenient and great for travel
3. Cheapest of the 3 brands I have seen
4. Delicious
5. Many contain Salba (a super grain)
6. BPA free packaging and recyclable lids

1. Cost more than jar baby food
2. Limited flavor varieties and almost all are a combination of fruits and/or vegetables.

I love the ease and convenience of these pouches. You don't have to pack bowls or worry about feeding from the jar. If they don't finish the food, you just replace the cap and refrigerate. When they are able to feed themselves from the pouch it gets even easier. You don't need spoons or bowls and they can even eat in the car or where ever you go.

The prices (at my Target) range from $1.09 to $1.29ea. This is cheaper than the Happybaby website and BabiesRus. I am willing to pay the extra money for the convenience, health benefits, and quality of this brand.  I wish they had more individual flavors since I want my children to eat fresh vegetables when they get older and not require fruit to be mixed with them. For instance; I have only been able to find one green vegetable pouch and it was green beans, pears, and peas. I would love an option for only green beans, only peas, etc. I have also only been able to find 2 meat varieties in the store. One with chicken and another with turkey. Since the flavors are limited, I buy other organic jar brands to make up for anything that is missing.

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