Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nook Color

I received a Nook Color for Christmas in 2010. I had done a lot of research on ereaders for other people who were looking for them and really like the features the Nook Color offered, as it could be used for more than just reading.
As a mother, I loved the "Read to Me" feature that allows my children to have great Children's Literature read to them even when I am unable to. My two year old was easily able to find her books and flip through the pages using this feature. She loves it. Recently they advertised that the books will become more interactive, but I do not have any of these books yet.
The device is wifi accessible so I am able to download books directly from the device and they are ready immediately. I can also check facebook and twitter, upload quotes and suggestions directly to my profiles, and it now has an email option. I have not yet used the email feature.
Recently apps became available and I am excited about being able to use it more like a tablet. I hope the quantity of apps available grows quickly. We downloaded "The Going to Bed Book" app by Sandra Boynton. It is so much fun! You can make the characters move, turn on water, pop bubbles, write in the steam on the bathroom mirror, etc...
The "Lend Me" feature was another selling point for me, although I have yet to use it. I think this is a great idea, but many of the books I would like to read are not available to lend. Right now they mostly consist of informative books like books about gardening or teaching rather than books by famous authors. If you have a library card to a library that has ebooks, you can check them out directly to your device for a two week period. Again, I am having trouble finding the books I am interested in reading available from libraries at this time.
This is the only ereader I have used, and would like to review other brands in the future. I am very interested in the Kindle as a simple reading only option. You would not be distracted by the other features embedded. It looks like it would be great for outdoors as it is not back lit, but not good for reading in bed when your spouse is asleep.

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  1. And how can I forget to mention the extremely long battery life!